About Us

From the believers to achievers. HighOnStartup is about all the ambitious & dedicated startup founders who have put in all their efforts into making their dreams a reality. Just for you we’ll be bringing all the startup stories, ideas, and their hiccups. The issues that a startup founder has to face while running his small scale industry have to be sorted in time and through this blog they’ll confess their challenges & enlighten you on how they overcame them. The feeling they get when they sell their first product on their e-commerce website or the first cab a customer books through their application, we’ll get you the founders and they’ll describe it to you themselves. Let us break it to you, this blog will be following an interview clip of every founder so that you can connect with them more. They’ll tell you the mistakes they did so you can stay alarmed and make your calls wisely while starting up your dream project.

It is a fact that innumerable startups start every year but not many are able to stand in the heat of competition for long because the market is highly volatile, the same strategy doesn’t work more than once. Essentially, this blog is for all the newcomers to make sure they keep a check on their cash flow & market competition. Tips & tricks the experienced ones have up their sleeves will be unfolded here to help your startup have a longer life span. From the founders & co-founders experiences, we’ll be bringing you more blogs to have a status quo check with analysis of the problem & proposed solutions. Keep yourself updated with the new posts that show up on this blog and avoid chances of regretting a decision you could’ve taken better with the expert advice. We’ll be posting daily to inform you, exactly what is happening around the globe.