Budding Boutique PR Agency – Column Inches – Ms. Sanya Bajaj

If you have a brand that needs help in brand building, credibility, and more then continue reading and you’ll be introduced to Column Inches lead by two of its founders. Ms. Sanya Bajaj being one of the co-founders told High on Startup that they’ve been creating a difference between advertising and public relations. They help the startups in developing their image in the market.


How did  Column Inches become the startup title?

Its in fact a well thought, as public relations involve newspapers and every newspaper has columns of particular inches. Hence, on the suggestion of a family friend and their first client, the two founders immediately finalised the name of the startup to be – Column Inches.



The biggest challenge faced by Ms. Sanya is hiring. Getting the right employees for her organisation to make the right team is necessary and to find the right fit takes a lot of effort. This makes hiring a major necessity as public relations industry is all about networking & communication. To find the people of the right skills is really tough. Another issue she faces on a daily basis is that people can’t differentiate between public relations and advertising. She works hard in making sure she communicates her vision to her clients and understand their needs to deliver better.



Ms. Sanya believes in learning and growing as she doesn’t consider anyone as a threat or competitor but a teacher. One or the other lesson is learnt everyday and to keep yourself updated is a must. Networking is also very important, she said. She suggested to attend more events & meet new people to make sure you keep the contact building process on going.