Candid Destination Wedding Photography – Shutterdown Photography – Mr. Lakshya Chawla

When moments are captured and memories are made then the best are the candid ones. Mr. Lakshya Chawla the founder of Shutterdown Photography started with his startup 5 years ago in 2011 and today he and his team are known for best candid and destination photography in Delhi NCR. In conversation with him we got to know that he has an MBA degree and an eye for quirky photography. He initially had a lot to go through because of the peer pressure but things turned around well for him with time as everything started falling into place because of his hard-work and dedication.

Why the name “Shutterdown” Photography?

Being genuine, he told us that he took the word shutter and then to give it a touch of his idea he added down to give it a cool effect. Then, he went to go daddy for the domain and just like that the name shutter down photography came into existence. The strongly growing startup has a hardworking team of youngsters working 18 hours a day to make their dream come reality.

Biggest Challenge in this line of work

The major issue that everyone initially faces in this industry that Mr. Chawla told us is peer pressure. When he started people weren’t even introduced to cannon photography and it was a very difficult job for him to convince his father to let him pursue it. However, everything fell into place for him later.

Tip for the Budding Entrepreneurs

Mr. Chawla stated that it is very important to have a Plan B while you are in this line. You’ve to make sure you keep updating yourself with what your competitors are doing and then deliver better. However, Mr. Chawla got the humungous success by dedicating his time in limited weddings and ensuring that they deliver the best in every single one of them.