Converting Thoughts Into Reality – Zillion Analytics – Mr. Kewal Kishan

Ever thought what you could do with analysis, this time our team derived a lot of inspiration from Mr. Kewal Kishan who is the founder of Zillion Analytics. His startup has been functioning for over three years now and he has been able to successfully generate profits out of big corporate houses. From being a data analyst in one of the major European firm to being the founder of a startup, Mr. Kewal Kishan today is an inspiration for many. Since, he has fallen in love with numbers, he has moved from excel to saas to spss to many more.

How was Zillion Analytics started

After his corporate job, Mr. Kewal Kishan became a freelancer and then Senior Vice President Pepsi asked him why only stay a freelancer, why not start something of your own. This hit a Bull’s eye and Zillion Analytics was born and via his startup, he helps corporates to take decisions on the basis of data instead of the conventional thumbs up rule. He also helps the corporates reduce their human resource cost and become more efficient with the automation tools.

The Name – Zillion Analytics

Bradley Cooper fan Mr. Kewal Kishan was inspired by his movie Limitless and felt that his NZT48 is numbers and wanted to do something with his high. He started Zillion Analytics and since then he has been high on his startup.


The founder believes that if you aren’t facing any issues then you are preferable doing something wrong. He told us that he is an engineer not an MBA so he thought its just about make the product available but then he realised its way more than that. Everything requires precision may it be hiring or fulfilling the clients requirements.

Key to Success

Keeping yourself updated and delivering what the clients want not what you can provide. He also told us that you have to be consistent in putting efforts to do more. When you are in 9 to 5 job then you are handling only a particular segment while in a startup you have much more so you should keep a check on everything & its an on going learning process. You should try to organise and maximise automation, that’ll definitely lead you to success.