On Demand Meeting Rooms and Workspaces – InstaSpaces – Mr. Nakul Kapoor

The mastermind of business ideas are none other than the startup founders and such a founder is Mr. Nakul Kapoor, who brought the concept of putting the unused spaces to an excellent use. The 14 month old startup of the 29 year old founder is called Instaspaces. The concept behind is to resolve the basic issue that a lot of startups have faced where they don’t have a meeting area to meet their clients or for conducting interviews. Mr. Kapoor has put his idea into use by monetising the idle spaces that have not been put to use. The platform Instaspaces has a story behind its name & if you’ve been able to break the name into two parts then you’ve got it right. It is essentially instant space solution for the corporate to the startup.

How INSTASPACES came into the picture

Mr. Kapoor has a background of being a hotelier and from there he had idea about the necessity of the optimisation of room space. And then one thing lead to another and today he offers his users to book meeting rooms on the go. He loves space and wanted to make sure if someone wants to take a meeting far away from their home town then they don’t have to worry as Instaspaces will handle it all for them. He has been running his venture for over a year now and always tries to deliver the best he can because his policy is presenting the customers with quality.

Tip for the budding entrepreneurs 

Keeping simple is the tip that he has given to all the budding entrepreneurs in this industry. He emphasised that customer is the king & quality should never be compromised no matter what. He also advised to be focused. You my have thousands of ideas but you need to focus on the idea you are working on and make sure you deliver the best in that. Hiring has been by far the biggest challenge that Mr. Kapoor has faced in hiring the right people to build the right team. So, make sure you hire well and don’t miss out on the ground work so that you don’t face a lot of issues while running your startup. Analysing and understanding your niche is a must, and make this a top priority.