PhD Dropout saves the Planet – Mr. Saurabh Vij – Curie Labs

When our team met the co-founder of Curie Labs – Mr. Saurabh Vij, we were stunned to know that the founder after surviving two life cycles of education, dropped out of his PhD in France. The physics lover essentially did so because he wanted to make a difference and today he is on his journey to save the planet. The startup is founded by Mr. Saurabh Vij and Mr. Abhinav Saksena and these two intellectuals are on their journey in making the world a better place to live. Mr. Saksena is an IoT expert and hence chairs the Chief Technology Officer’s post.

Curie Labs – The idea

The co-founder celebrates physics as a religion and his devotion lead him to pursuing a PhD degree in the same field. Then, one day he asked his professor about the number of people who’ll be receiving help from his thesis. The answer changed Mr. Saurabh’s life and that became his turning point of him becoming an entrepreneur.

The Startup & The Family

When Mr. Vij disclosed that he wanted to be a physicist, initially his parents were concerned about the money he’d need to make for a living. Though, later they supported him to the core. However, the relatives did try to bring his morale down with the usual slanders that we all have faced at one point or the other but his love for physics and passion to do good for mankind kept him thriving.

Curie Labs Functioning

The vision of the founder in the first few years involves combating climate change by saving energy. With the usage of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), they’ll respond to the data collected with automation, stepping ahead in saving the planet.

Straight from the Founder

He vehemently suggested that one should have thick skin if he/she wants to be an entrepreneur. He added that sticking to your idea and dedication definitely will pay off. He told that the journey involves a lot of people poking you but the key is to be like water and make your way through the thick and thin.


Satoshi studios is an IOT and blockchain based incubator by darwin labs named after the famous scientist Satoshi Nakamoto, inventor of Blockchain and Bitcoin. Satoshi studios have invested $50,000 in curie labs.