Quirky Look Book – La Styliste – Ms. Purvi Roy

Following the trend is too mainstream, I believe in setting it said the founder of La Styliste, Ms. Purvi Roy. She has been the sole reason why her startup today has turned into a brand. She has unmitigated dedication and zeal to take challenges that made her even stronger.

La Styliste – The Look Book

The idea of the look book came into picture when a welcome party was announced and there was initially, no solution for our founder to decide her look. Her friends faced the same issue but it is Ms. Purti Roy, who thought of providing the entire world a solution for good. She came up with La Styliste to make it a platform, that’ll be one stop look book store for all to get everything. From shoes to fashion accessories to dresses to more, you’ll find everything on her e-commerce store.


Coco Chanel has inspired her and today she is inspiring many. She confessed that innovation and creativity are top priorities of her work and her idol Coco Chanel, had the same agenda of keeping things fresh. She has been her inspiration as she never gave up despite all the challenges she had to go through. Ms. Purvi has always felt motivated and wishes to contribute more to the society.

Major Challenge/Issue

The prime issue she has faced is to research a lot in order to get the best deal. However, she said that the issues are same for both the men and women. She stated that one should take it as a challenge and overcome it. She insisted that if you are passionate about your idea then no challenge is big enough to stop you. It might slow you down for a while, but you gain pace & get your head back in the game, eventually.

Tip for Budding Entrepreneurs

The tip suggested by the young founder is to make sure you keep innovating and stay dedicated. In this industry and line of work staying creative is a must. Delivering with respect to the requirements of the client is also yet another thing she emphasised on.