Young Indie Design Brand – PoppadumArt – Ms. Saanwari Gorwaney

If there is a startup where creativity is growing at a pace like no other then it is none other than Ms. Saanwari Gorwaney’s PoppadumArt, the e-commerce venture has unique & beautiful products to make your home alive. Ms. Gorwaney believes in expression & her idea of expressing herself reflected by the way she decorates her home. A lot of us try to showcase our interests through our homes, either buy having a lot of antiques or by have a lot of classy items to flaunt but either way it does put forward our list of interests in front of our guests. Ms. Gorwaney didn’t just come up with the startup just like that and we got to know that when we got a chance to meet her.

What is PoppadumArt?

It is a quirky design brand with an unprecedented approach founded in 2011 by Ms. Saanwari Gorwaney. They bring life to the boring old stuff with their innovative & creative ideas at their workplace by redesigning the way we look at things. In their store, you’ll be able to find light bulbs that’ll brighten your day to beautiful lamps that’ll add life to your mundane routine. The idea is to stay lively and they are delivering to it by bringing smiles to all the faces that cross their stores.

Their motto – We make happy things!

And, if you wish to reach them to buy their products then we’re glad to inform you that it is pretty simple. You’ve to just log on to her website and select the product you wish to decorate your home with.

How her startup – PoppadumArt came into the picture?

Essentially, Ms. Gorwaney got married and then for her new house she wanted to get the decor that reflected her image & interests. Neither she herself nor her husband found the products they were looking for and Ms. Gorwaney realised that there was a need for art to be fused with the basic amenities. That’s how the idea was brought to life by the founder with PoppadumArt’s creation.